The graffiti below was seen stenciled on buildings and sidewalks around Bucharest a couple of weeks ago. I asked and it means “restart”. Restart what? Is this sponsored by a political party, a church, a … whatever? Do any of my Romanian friends know anything about this? Thanks!


Newly declassified documents show how US agreed to Israel’s nuclear program


Politicians ought to know that if you big bombs to crazy people even crazier people will try to get them, too. Yet they go on outfitting the loons of the world.

Originally posted on Stop Making Sense:

World Bulletin reports:

Files show how US agreed to Israel's nuclear program‘Declassified documents from 45 years ago have revealed how cabinet secretaries and senior advisers to the then US president Richard Nixon withdrew from a plan to block Israeli nuclearization ahead of a meeting with then Israeli Prime Minister Golda Meir at the White House in September 1969.

The files, that were made public by the Interagency Security Classification Appeals Panel (ISCAP), not only shows how American delegates agreed to Israel’s refusal to sign the Non-Proliferation Treaty, but also how they came to terms with allowing Israel to refuse an American inspection of the Dimona nuclear facility and a deal which would have seen the delivery of strategic ground-to-ground Jericho missiles to Israel in exchange for their signing of the treaty.

Although the details of Nixon’s meeting with Meir remain classified, the declassified files state that officials had on the eve of the talks advised Nixon to show…

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Repost: Basic street photography techniques


Great tips!

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_RX100_DSC0385b copy
Offerings for sale. Sony RX100

Following on from the previous photoessay and numerous emails, I thought it’d be useful to repost this article I wrote previously on street photography techniques. Although it’s possible to describe most of them in some detail, full understanding requires both demonstration and practice – this is where the Street Photography video comes in, or alternatively joining one of my workshops. Together with the basic principles of balance, perspective, composition and what makes a good image – these techniques may be used singly or in combination to generate strong street images. In fact, they also apply to documentary and reportage work, too; the only difference between good street photography and photojournalism is that the latter has a consistent theme and subject.

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AAUP Takes UIUC to Task for Apparent Summary Dismissal


It seems there will be some resistance to the craziness at Urbana Champaign.

Originally posted on The Academe Blog:

The AAUP today wrote to University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign chancellor Phyllis Wise to express deep concern about actions taken against professor Steven Salaita. “Aborting an appointment in this manner without having demonstrated cause has consistently been seen by the AAUP as tantamount to summary dismissal, an action categorically inimical to academic freedom and due process and one aggravated in his case by the apparent failure to provide him with any written or even oral explanation,” the letter says, adding that Salaita should receive full pay until the university’s Committee on Academic Freedom and Tenure, which has initiated an examination of the case, has concluded its proceedings.

The full letter may be found here:

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BOOOOOOOOOM! New Hampshire Supreme Court Rules in Favor of Tax Credit Program


Having choices can improve everything, even education.

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(Guest Post by Matthew Ladner)

Instant analysis from Jason Bedrick.  Ironically enough the Florida School Boards Association and other members of the public school non-profit industrial complex filed suit again the Florida tax credit today. Florida judges would do well to apply the question of harm (and thus standing) to these litigants, because the reality is that Florida public schools have far more money, more students, and employ more people today than before the Florida tax credit passed. The state appointed academic evaluator (and others) have found that part of the source for the remarkable improvement in public schools originated from the tax credit program.  The districts would have higher enrollment in the absence of the program, but they have local funding to cover their fixed costs and have been dealing with enrollment growth for decades and will deal with more in decades to come.

I’d love to hear…

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Name that wildflower, please!

We were at my father-in-law’s “gradina” (be sure to roll the “r” a little) outside of Bucharest a couple of weeks ago. To escape the “pick up the plums” work everybody else was doing in order to make a little tsuica one of these days I decided to look around the garden for interesting things to photograph. Hey, I was on vacation! :-) Anyway, I came across a pretty flower that nobody could name. So, I’m asking my Romanian friends and anybody else who might know to help me name this beauty. Any ideas?

Obese preschoolers already show signs of health problems | Fox News


Just observing people with their kids on the street, there are a lot of overweight kids.

Originally posted on Learn about nutrition with me!:

Obese preschoolers already show signs of health problems | Fox News

Some overweight and obese preschoolers may already have risk factors for heart disease and diabetes, a new study from Italy suggests.

The study involved more than 5,700 healthy children ages 2 to 6 who visited pediatricians in Rome between 2011 and 2012. Of these children, about 600 (about 10 percent) had become overweight or obese within the last year, and the researchers ran detailed blood tests about 200 of these children for the study.

They found that nearly 40 percent of these children had at least one abnormal reading in their metabolism such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol, elevated blood sugar or low levels of “good” cholesterol which, in studies of adults, have been linked with an increased risk of heart disease and diabetes. About one-third of the children had nonalcoholic fatty liver disease, or a buildup of fat deposits in the liver.via Obese preschoolers already…

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