This year’s mayfly hatch resembles something of biblical proportions



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July 2014WISCONSIN – This year’s mayfly hatch in the Mississippi River reached Biblical proportions. The mayfly emergence is an annual event in which mayflies leave the Mississippi River after one or two years of incubation. The flies live for just a few days before they return to the water, lay a new crop of eggs, and die. The La Crosse, Wisconsin branch of the National Weather Service (NWS) reports that the mayflies caused a three-vehicle car crash as they descended over the town. The flies caused a bow echo on the NWS radar, which normally occurs during heavy rains, and proceeded to make a Wisconsin road slick, causing a driver to lose control of her car. Two people were injured in the crash, and one was treated at a local hospital. Wisconsin residents captured some stunning images— read: horrifying — images of the mayfly emergence, which happened on…

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U.S. senator appears to have plagiarized his master’s thesis


Walsh claims to be a military man, a man of honor, but I guess he made up the claim about intelligence. I wonder how long this dumba$$ thought it would take for this to be caught? Here’s the link to the NYTimes source

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Sen. John Walsh

Sen. John Walsh

A Democratic senator from Montana, John Walsh, is the latest high-profile politician to face plagiarism charges.

The New York Timesreports:

…one of the highest-profile credentials of Mr. Walsh’s 33-year military career appears to have been improperly attained. An examination of the final paper required for Mr. Walsh’s master’s degree from the United States Army War College indicates the senator appropriated at least a quarter of his thesis on American Middle East policy from other authors’ works, with no attribution.

In an infographic, the Times lays out the overlapping passages:

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American Users Spend An Average Of 40 Minutes Per Day On Facebook


Facebook is a huge time waster and apparently not so good for the health. Will Obamacare soon tax FB as if it’s a pack of ciggies a day?

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American Facebook users spend way more time on the social network than exercising. Mark Zuckerberg said today on Facebook’s Q2 earnings call that users in the US spend an average of 40 minutes per day, while the CDC recommends Americans exercise 21 minutes a day but only 20% meet that goal. Zuckerberg said that these 40 minutes a day on Facebook account for one in five minutes spent on mobile in the US. Yet Facebook’s CEO sees plenty of room to grow, as he said that Americans spend about 9 hours per day engaging with digital media.

Some other interesting stats revealed on the call include that Facebook now hosts Pages for 30 million businesses, and has 1.5 million total advertisers. Zuckerberg said hundreds of apps are now using Facebook’s deep-linking standard App Links, and they link to over 1 billion destinations in mobile apps.

[Image Credit: The Oatmeal, which…

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The Milky Way


Wow, amazing!

Originally posted on Cornwall Photographic:

A couple of weeks ago I was talking to my friend and fellow blogger Poppy, when I happened to mention what a fabulous moon there was outside.  Poppy’s BB piped up in the background with ‘yes, tonight is a super moon‘.  Well, that was the start of another Poppy and Chillbrook excellent photography adventure.  Two in the morning, out in the wilds of Cornwall and Worcestershire, Poppy and I were exchanging photography and astronomy tips by mobile phone whilst looking at the most amazing night sky.  A plan had been hatched that night, via Skype, to photograph the Milky Way and last night the plan came together. Excellent!!

It’s extremely difficult to find a truly dark sky in the UK as the villages, towns and cities are now so numerous and spreading, each filling the sky with the ubiquitous and vile, orange sodium light pollution however, I found…

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When a pro-Israel bully attacks

The war on Gaza and the gratuitous killings of now more than 650 Palestinians has gotten a lot of my attention this week as regular readers know. I’ve posted a few articles to this blog about the terrible situation. Sometimes I share some of those posts on my personal Facebook page. Usually nobody pays much attention. Facebook is mostly about telling rather than reading. Today, however, I got a little unwanted attention from a pretty nasty pro-Israel bully, a guy I know and have considered to be a friend, or more precisely, friendly.

Last night I saw a video from The Daily Show with John Stewart (watch the first 2 minutes and 25 seconds) shared by a Facebook friend (a Christian) and this morning I saw the same video on the “timeline” of another Facebook friend (a Muslim). The video is hilarious and so true, as I learned today. Below is the Facebook conversation I had with Jeff. I blacked out Jeff’s family name to save him any further humiliation, at least at my hand.

For you pro-Israel bullies out there, as John Stewart comments in the video, criticizing Israel is not the same thing as supporting Hamas. I see 650 Gazans dead and say that was totally unnecessary and harmful to Americans’ interests. That doesn’t mean I support Hamas and their rocket campaign. I do not. Remember that we live in a pluralistic, free society; Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness. That’s what we claim to be about and why the United States of America as a nation has been so successful. Criticism of ourselves and our fellows is an important part of life in the USA and one of the reasons we’ve been so successful. When that right to criticize and demand accountability disappears this nation is finished. Please try to remember this when that pimple of intolerance on your shoulder begins to fester and threatens to burst all over.


Christian church and Muslim mosque side by side in Gaza City

I was surprised to see this photo this morning, a Christian church right beside a Muslim mosque in Gaza City, Palestine. The photo says it’s Alariodhux church in Gaza City.

From the main stream media in the US one would think that all of the Christians have been chased out of Gaza and Palestine more generally and their churches destroyed. While it’s extremely difficult for Christians in Palestine they persist. Their numbers are few and decreasing but they persist. According to Wikipedia there are three Christian churches in the Gaza Strip, a Greek Orthodox, a Baptist and a Latin church. Photographer Hosam Salem has a good photo showing a Muslim woman and child near the Alariodhux church.


Some nasty people have sent me some disturbing messages calling me names and accusing me of being “anti-semitic” for bring attention to some of the things happening in Gaza. “Sticks and stones will break my bones ….” Here’s a video from John Stewart and the Daily Show for you. Click on the pic below to go to the video. It’s so true!

Friends, I’m not in favor of killing anybody anywhere and I believe in “Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness” for everyone. Clearly, Palestinians are not able to exercise their rights to Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness and haven’t been able to for nearly 70 years. When I post a story critical of the government of Israel I’m not supporting Hamas or any other murderous gang. I don’t spend much time criticizing Islamists because the main stream media does a pretty thorough job of that. Criticism of US allies, however, especially Israel is very infrequent and the events this week have been very disturbing. One guy told me that Israel was a peacenik country and had only killed 650. There are obviously plenty of Peaceniks in Israel, thank God. But there are plenty of ignorant racists who are not ashamed to declare their superiority and demand violent ethnic cleansing of Palestinians from Palestine.


Attention catching facts. Do they surprise you?

Some facts about the situation in Gaza have caught my attention thanks to the website, ““. These will probably surprise most Americans. Check out the article if you have a few minutes. Are you surprised? We get just one side of the story here in the US. Why is the main stream media unwilling to report the truth?

The violence didn’t begin with

the three abducted Israeli settlers

If Americans Knew
July 21, 2014

Since Israel began its latest offensive “Operation Protective Edge” on July 8, 2014, 569 Palestinians and 28 Israelis have been killed, as of July 21 (the numbers continue to grow). Although the media is largely portraying Israel’s actions as defensive, violence in the region did not begin with the kidnapping and murder of the three Israel settlers on June 12, 2014. In fact, Israel has been kidnapping and murdering Palestinian adults and youth on a regular basis for decades (read about how the conflict was started), yet this is rarely covered in U.S. news.

It’s also important to recognize that rocket attacks from Gaza began decades after Israel had already been militarily occupying Palestinian territory. The first rocket (largely home-made projectiles that rarely caused any death, injuries, or even damage) was fired from Gaza in April 2001 – after Israeli forces had already killed 35 Gazans that year, and had repeatedly shelled Gazan neighborhoods. From April 2001 through July 2014, rockets killed approximately 29 Israelis. During the same period, Israeli forces killed over 4,700 Gazans.

Here are the facts:

  • From January 1 to May 31 of this year, Israel kidnapped 2,330 Palestinians and held them in Israeli prisons. During these months, there were an average of 203 Palestinian children in Israeli jails on any given day. Palestinians help captive by Israel can be denied access to a lawyer for up to 90 days, and torture is routine. But the media only expresses outrage when Israelis are kidnapped and held prisoner by Palestinians.
  • From January 1 to June 12 of this year, Israelis killed approximately 30 Palestinians, 4 of them children. None of the Israeli killers were held accountable for the murders. Mainstream media outlets almost never reported on any of these killings. Yet everyone was made aware of the names of the three Israelis abducted and murdered in June.
  • Since “Operation Protective Edge” began (June 8 through July 21), Israeli forces have killed 572 Palestinians, 110 of them children. During this time, Palestinian resistance forces killed 28 Israelis, none of whom were children. Approximately 76 percent of the Palestinians killed during this period were civilians, while approximately 7 percent of the Israelis killed were civilians.
  • Israel actually rejected a legitimate ceasefire offer, not Hamas. The ceasefire Hamas has offered Israel would ensure that Gazans have the same freedoms that most people view as basic human rights (right to trade with other nations, right to travel freely, right to worship at Holy places, etc).

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