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It’s Turkey Prime Time

It’s been Turkey Prime Time for a month or so now with our local bird, Tommy, putting on quite a show. Unfortunately for Tommy there aren’t any hens watching his show. Too bad. He’s quite a handsome Tom! The neighbors tell me they see them roosting a few houses away from here in the oak trees. Maybe he’s found a friend or two there.

The Dalai Lama’s speech in Madison is streaming live at 1:30 CST

A surprise announcement that wasn’t in the local news until now, the Dalai Lama’s will be speaking in Madison and the event will stream live beginning at 1:30 central time. Here is the link.

OMG! Crocuses!!!

The first crocuses of the year have poked their heads out of the frozen tundra.


The temps look good for the coming week and showers are in the forecast. I’d like to declare, “Spring, Spring, Spring is here!!!” but it’s Wisconsin …. I’m hopeful but realistic.

Frosted Cardinal

This cardinal – he apparently noticed me trying to take a picture of him – seems a little frosted.


Colorful banquet

Most of the birds visiting our tube feeder are kind of boring to look at but this cardinal showed up a few weeks ago and just wouldn’t leave. In the sun the red feathers were glowing.


It’s popping!

It’s popping, the stock market bubble that is, and it’s a long ways back to the pre-2008 bubble top and a lot farther to that bubble’s bottom. And remember the Tech Bubble in 2000? Good luck especially if you’re a Nasdaq investor. RBS a few days ago advised it’s clients to sell everything except high quality bonds. With the trillions of dollars of “stimulus” (borrowed money) the governments of the world have thrown into re-inflating the stock market this, many knew, would be the ultimate result. I have a page of raw material prices you could look at in case you’re wondering if the economy is really weak. This is a lesson many experts have forgotten. If people aren’t buying material things then you don’t need raw material inputs which means that these prices are going to decrease. Yes, that has happened in all sorts of raw materials.


The high cost of college athletics

collegesportscostWhy is the cost of education increasing at most colleges? One reason is the cost of college athletic programs, according to a report published at the Huffington Post. Only six major university athletic programs didn’t require subsidies to break even between 2010 and 2014.

  • LSU
  • Ohio State
  • Purdue
  • Texas
  • Nebraska
  • Oklahoma.

All of the others, including the UW – Madison, received subsidies ranging from taxpayer-paid administrative overhead to $172 million for Rutgers. I wonder if New Jersey taxpayers and Rutgers students are happy with that. And Rutgers isn’t the only college in New Jersey with a subsidized athletics program. When you’re watching, if you do watch, the championship round of the so-called “College Football Playoff” next week keep in mind that nearly all of the colleges and universities offering sports programs do with substantial financial burden on students and taxpayers.

Richard Prince Finally Sued for Ripping Off an Instagram Photo – DIY Photography

This is great news! This “artist” has made a fortune ripping off other photographers. Maybe now it will come to an end.

Back in May artist (and I use that term lightly in this case) Richard Prince enraged photographers worldwide when he took photos from Instagram, added a comment on the photos and sold them in a New York gallery for up to $100,000 a piece. All this was done without getting permission from the owners of […]

Source: Richard Prince Finally Sued for Ripping Off an Instagram Photo – DIY Photography

In case you’re looking for a new diet

Happy New Year, Everyone!

You’ve probably heard or read about the “paleo” diet, you know, getting back to eating raw stuff, like the cave women and cave men did. Here’s something to think about.

… the mummies from Kagamil and elsewhere have excited the interest of scientists who say what they have learned from the remains challenges a central tenet of conventional thinking about what we ought to eat.

Heart disease, the leading cause of death in the U.S., is often blamed on modern diets and a sedentary lifestyle. According to this thinking, if only people ate the “right” foods and exercised more, they could live longer. This view is encapsulated in the current version of the government’s Dietary Guidelines for Americans, which are under review and being reissued soon. They have long recommended dietary habits deemed good for your heart — lower intakes of saturated fat and salt, more emphasis on lean meat and seafood.

But examinations of the bodies of the Unangans from Kagamil Island and other pre-modern people indicate that, in fact, the modern scourge of heart disease is not at all new, and that people who exercised more than we do as a matter of necessity, and whose diet was free from modern temptations, also suffered striking levels of heart disease, according to the researchers.

So, does this mean we should relax and enjoy life rather than eating grass and exercising ourselves to death? I’d feel a whole lot better about the last ten days of Christmas and New Years festivities if that’s true.  :-)

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