Bleeding hearts I look forward to seeing

The bleeding heart here at Ladybird Lane was especially nice this year. I really do love this plant. The leaves are very pretty, the branches droop so gracefully and the pink color is especially nice. And then there is the shape of the blossom. It’s one of my favorites.

Morning photo: Majestic


Beautiful and beautifully captured. I love that double rainbow.

Originally posted on Summit County Citizens Voice:

Old and new …

FRISCO — A few old and new favorite shots in this Summit County set, including a streamside scene along the Snake River from the weekend, when a heavy snow shower coincided with a brief burst of sunshine to make for a magical combination. For daily photography updates, follow our Instagram feed, and visit our online gallery for an amazing selection of prints and greeting cards.

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Beauty even after the petals have withered and fallen

It’s getting to the end of the Spring bulb season. The tulips that were so fresh and vibrant just two weeks ago here at Ladybird Lane are now, at least from a distance, decrepit and ugly. But if one take a second look, a little closer look, there’s still a lot of beauty after the petals are withered and fallen. And, the plant is still alive preparing itself for next season and producing the next generation.

Tackling human biases in science


Great points!

Originally posted on Climate Etc.:

by Judith Curry

Psychologist Brian Nosek of the University of Virginia says that the most common and problematic bias in science is “motivated reasoning”: We interpret observations to fit a particular idea.

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Buster likes peanuts

Winter thinned out our squirrel population a bit but the ones that remain are hungry. Buster, for example, he likes peanuts … a lot. At first he seems a bit shy but once he thinks you’re not looking he jumps onto the deck and starts his breakfast. He’s usually in a hurry because it usually isn’t too long until his friends show up and the mad scramble for peanuts begins. I guess they know they’re welcome at Ladybird Lane.

President Obama is Entitled to His Own Opinion but Not His Own Facts on Poverty and Education


Good thoughts on the cliche president and his lame “analysis” of education problems. Thankfully there are others who think rather than just burp cliches and talking points.

Originally posted on Jay P. Greene's Blog:

(Guest Post by Matthew Ladner)

It is a shame that the only thing that seemed to draw headlines from a recent panel discussion on poverty including President Obama was a silly throw away line about Fox News. The entire discussion, which included Robert Putnam and AEI’s Arthur Brooks deeply deserves your time. The event transcript can be found here.

Go read it. Like now. All four participants had very interesting things to say, far more than can be reflected upon in a blog post.

So this quote from President Obama got my attention:

Now, part of what’s happened is that — and this is where Arthur and I would probably have some disagreements.  We don’t dispute that the free market is the greatest producer of wealth in history — it has lifted billions of people out of poverty.  We believe in property rights, rule of law, so forth.  But…

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Afternoon snack

This hairy little guy was enjoying a little afternoon snack of peony nectar. I didn’t realize ants were so hairy.

Busting out

I noticed that the medium sized allium are opening. Looking at them a bit closer it seems more like the many small florets in the bud are busting out of their cramped accommodations. Indeed, here at Ladybird Lane Spring is busting out all over.


Week in review – science edition


Get all the climate news, not just that which the alarmists want you to have.

Originally posted on Climate Etc.:

by Judith Curry

A few things that caught my eye this past week.

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Tulips at Ladybird Lane

The tulips have put on a pretty good show here at Ladybird Lane this Spring, once the snow stopped.

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