The Cornhuskers head to the Big House

Whoa, Nellie! It’s been a roller coaster season for my Cornhuskers so far this year. Some easy wins against second class teams to start off the season, the humiliation here in Madison, the drubbing of Michigan State and that letdown against Northwestern and now the trip to the Big House. It’s a critical game. Both the Wolverines and the Shuckers need to win to have to have any chance of making it too the conference championship. The game should be very good. But, even if it’s a sleeper I just love the tradition. The Cornhuskers and the Wolverines have met just six times in the 121 years of Nebraska football. Let’s hope for a great game, a big win for the Huskers, no serious injuries and a fun weekend.

Thinking of fun, the NCAA has done a lot to take the fun out of college football. To me, fun was that fumblerooski in the 1984 Nebraska – Miami game for the national championship. Despite of the loss, that game was fun and one of the most memorable in the history of Nebraska football. Here, have another look at the fumblerooski. Thanks to the soulless bureaucrats and beancounters who have come to rule college football, it’s no longer a legal play. The guard running the ball into the endzone, Dean Steinkuhler, has a son, Baker, playing on the Nebraska team.


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