Pumpkins in my lawn???

OMG, pumpkins are growing in my lawn!

This has been an odd Summer. We had almost no rain from the end of May until last week. It was so dry that we have dead spots in our lawn. And, it seems that it was difficult for a lot of other things to grow. Since last week though we’ve received 3 3/4 inches of rain in our little corner of paradise.

Last year we had a lot of fun with our pumpkin patch. It wasn’t too big but we harvested about 25 really nice sized pumpkins with a couple of those being quite a bit larger than a basketball. And, they tasted really good. I love roasted pumpkin. Anyway, we had more pumpkins than we and our neighbors could eat so we put some out for out furry tree climbing friends (a.k.a. squirrels) and they totally enjoyed them.

I wondered how those squirrels were able to eat so many pumpkins seeds and even most of the pumpkin flesh. Now I know they didn’t eat all of them. I guess they were looking out for their futures, too. So far I’ve counted about 30 pumpkin plants and I expect many more to volunteer for hazardous duty (given my lawnmower is getting hungry).


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