Greek Salad is definitely on the menu!

The tomatoes are fruiting and ripening like crazy here at Ladybug Lane. And, the cucumbers are finally starting to produce. So, I think it’s appropriate that a Greek Salad be on the menu today. I need to get some good feta. One place in Madison that usually has that really creamy Bulgarian feta is Yue Wah. It’s my favorite oriental grocery.

The first time I visited Romania I was very surprised by the number of varieties of feta cheese. The groceries had an entire case full of different feta cheeses, sheep and goat milk, of course, but cow’s milk, too, salted and unsalted, Transylvanian, Oltenian, and many more. Most other cheeses are categorized as “cascaval” or yellow cheese. My father in law loves his cheeses and we always make sure to bring some interesting Wisconsin cheese for him to sample.

Oh, and one last point about the cucumbers. This year I tried growing them on a trellis. It works very nicely and I can put more plants per unit of land. I only used about ten square feet of space but with the trellis it’s become a wall of cucumbers.


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