Is this cheese cheesy?

This mornings news is really something! Some 40 year old cheddar has been found in the cooler of a cheese shop and we can get some for just $10/ounce.

The cheese, some of it made when Richard Nixon was president and the Watergate break-in happened, will go on sale Oct. 6 and be featured in what is billed as the “Ultimate Cheddar Flight,” a cheese tasting event at Wisconsin Cheese Mart on Old World Third Street in downtown Milwaukee.

Ken McNulty, president of Wisconsin Cheese Mart, said he has about 20 pounds of the 40-year cheddar and 120 pounds of 34-year cheddar, though the 34-year cheddar will be saved for a later date. The 40-year cheddar will not be sold online but only in the store, and not by the pound. Instead it will go for $10 per ounce so more people can try the unique cheese.

Jeanne Carpenter, executive director of Wisconsin Cheese Originals, an organization that promotes artisanal cheese, said Hook’s cheddar is aged by design and is carefully monitored. The company is scheduled to release a 20-year cheddar next year.

“We know (Hook’s) cheese is going to be absolutely stellar,” Carpenter said. “This other (Zahn’s cheese) just happened to get lost in a cooler. So no one has really been taking care of it. So it will be very interesting to see what it’s like and the quality of it.”

I really enjoy a good cheese and I live in the perfect place to satisfy my cheese cravings. There are a lot of really great cheeses in Madison’s local markets and on Saturdays we can head to the Dane County Farmers Market on the Capitol Square and do some sampling. While you’re down there stop in at Fromagination. It’s a really nice shop.


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