Gettin’ Squirrely

The squirrels in our backyard provide an infinite amount of enjoyment for us even on a cold Wintery Wisconsin day. We have given some names – Scarface, Half Tail and Ol’ White Ears. Here are a few pictures from this afternoon.

Normally they like to perch here on top a pile of wood behind our house. This guy has wiped out the entire pile of goodies my wife put there.

Some of them though have figured out how to shinny up this thin little banner stand and sit on that cross rod. How they balance there is a mystery to me but they can sit there for quite a while. Eventually, it’s time to get to work.

Most often they’re showing off their furry, white bellies.

But, occasionally they get it flipped around and have the bird’s perch to use as a handle.

Life is sweet.

“Hey, I’m gettin’ good at this!”

Half Tail

Eventually, though, all good things end and they’re back on the ground scrounging for what’s fallen from the bird feeders. This is Half Tail. We’ve noticed that he’s incredibly hard working. And, yes, that’s green grass under the snow. I’m hoping Spring get’s here pretty soon though I’m not betting on it.

Hazelnut shells

Sometimes it’s too cold to run birdseed out to the feeders and the wood pile so we toss some hazelnuts out for them. Usually they grab the nuts in their mouths and run off to do something with them. But, in this case Ol’ White Ears (that wily fellow) noticed that there were two nuts right next to each other. He took one, removed the shell and ate the kernel. Then he grabbed the other nut that was right next to him and ran off with it. We’d never seen that.

I took these from inside the house with a 1.7 teleconverter on an old Lumix FZ10 12X telephoto . It seems to have worked OK until you look very closely at the photos. At that point they become kind of noisy.


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