Snowpocalypse in Russia!

They are getting a heck of a lot of snow in many part of Russia this Winter! has a nice story and plenty of good pictures covering Snowpocolypse 2013. I imagine that people wouldn’t mind so much if it could keep the venal, predatory governments at bay. That seems unlikely however. Thieves and thugs seldom rest for long when they there is so much booty to be claimed and squandered.

Here in Sconnieland, we haven’t had a whole lot of snow with one big storm giving us about a foot and a half last month. This week the weather highlight will be the very cold temperatures. Tonight, we’re expecting a temperature around 0 Fahrenheit. Forecasts for Monday night vary widely for the low, somewhere between 0 and minus 8, maybe. We’ll see. Here are some photos from the RT article.

And, a little somethin’ to warm up the weary shoveler. :-) Unfortunately, he’s stuck it in a snowbank. I wonder if he’ll still feel warm as it goes down the hatch.


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