Ol’ White Ears is hungry

Ol’ White Ears, sitting there in a flower basket hanging from a branch of one of our spruce trees in the backyard, seems to have found a bit of birdseed left over from yesterday. I was a bit surprised to see him out there. It’s 2 degrees Fahrenheit right now. Usually Ol’ White Ears and his friends are still in their den trying to keep warm.

What was funny yesterday was we made pumpkin soup so there were quite a few really large pumpkin seeds. These squirrels just love those things. They were gone in a couple of hours.

The photo was taken at 12X magnification with a telephoto. And, I had a 1.7 teleconverter attached to that. So, the image is sort of noisy and seems to have some chromatic aberration. But, I wanted to get the picture so it is what it is. :-)

Ol' White Ears


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