A new Google Image

Google image search will change.

Gerald Murphy

Google’s Webmaster blog outlined yesterday that Google Image search will change within a few days. But what does this mean for the average searcher?

A comparison of Google Image

The first image (below) shows what the design interface looks like. The second image shows what the current (old) design interface looks like. But is the new interface any better?

Is the new Google search better?

In short, yes. The justification is written below:

The use of metadata is much better
Metadata is essentially data about a thing (e.g. a photo, a sound clip…) online. It is used to help screen readers, for example, read a ‘thing’ they cannot see, or hear. In other words, metadata tells everyone what something is by having a name (title) and a description (such as, an image having a caption).
Better use of metadata allows more images to be indexed by Google. The more images…

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