Ban Subways! Six killed in New York City already this year

Big Government folks in New York are so concerned about all of the murders caused by gunfire. How about killings by their beloved subway. Already six killed. Over 50 people we killed by the subway last year. What is going on?

There have been six subway deaths already in 2013. The circumstances in the incidents vary, but Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer said the rash of deaths on the tracks deserves a closer look.

The city is on pace for 100 deaths this year – almost twice as many as last year, Stringer said.

“These accidents have been happening too often and to too many New Yorkers. The time is now to search for answers,” Stringer told reporters, including WCBS 880′s Peter Haskell and 1010 WINS’ Holli Haerr. “They’re something visceral and something tragic.”

We heard Obama preaching that if he could save even one life he will ban that long list of guns. Are subway riders’ lives less valuable? Are deaths caused by subway trains less important?

It seems it would cost too much to save these lives

The MTA had previously said safety barriers would not be considered because of the high cost. But Stringer said the hefty price tag should not stop an analysis.

How is MTA going to prevent these killings? As usual, there is a call for a meeting, the political hacks are getting active, but will anything be done to stop the subway trains from killing innocent riders?

How much will the gun grab cost? And, how many people will be killed by attackers because they lack a weapon to defend themselves?

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