Phone booths, Big Ben and how the hell?

Love these London phone booths.

Geoff shoots the world



Woah! It’s my second London nights tutorial watsit. It’s a London phone booth/Big Ben (ELIZABETH TOWER damn you!) HDR/Tiltshift shambles!

I was wandering around the Southbank and the Northbank trying to find inspiration for a shot, thinking of something involving either the parliament building or County hall/London eye. But the sky was very dull and boring I couldn’t see anything else that tickled my fancy. Also, on a side note, all shots of County Hall taken from across the river are now ruined by the top of the Shard which rudely photo bombs over the top of the building like a drunk friend of a friend of the London eye.

Then I saw these phone booths with Big Ben (I’m going to use it’s incorrect name as that’s what most people know it by) in the background. I thought maybe with a wide angle lens, from a low angle, big booths in the…

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