Life Expectancy Around the World!

Life expectancy in the USA? Not as high as you’d think and ranked 24th longest in the world just behind Cuba.

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May 25, 2014Life Expectancy Around the World:  The World Map, above, is color coded by life expectancy. The color scale is in the lower left. Dark red is greater than 76 years, red is 70.3 to 76 yrs, orange is 64.7 to 70.3 yrs, light orange is 59 to 64.7 yrs and yellow is less than 59 years. I’ve listed the ranking, using colored boxes for selected countries, for the top 25.

And the winner is . . . Japan #1 at 83 years. Australia was #4,  Canada  #6, New Zealand #11 and England was #17. The United States was 24th, just behind Cuba! The up and coming BRIC nations are as follows: Brazil 72 years, Russia 66 yrs, India 73 yrs & China 73 years. This was a surprise to me as I though the U.S. would be in the top…

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