Tiger Woods caught cheating at The Masters

OMG, Tiger Woods was caught cheating at The Masters tournament at Augusta, Georgia. We all know about Tiger and his infamous cheating nature. Now he has been caught cheating at The Masters. The big question is, “Why wasn’t Tiger disqualified?” He was only penalized two strokes for an “illegal drop” otherwise known as “putting the ball in a better place to hit it than where it should have been” thus giving himself an illegal advantage.

The controversy began on the 15th hole when Woods’s third shot hit the flagstick and bounced back into the greenside water hazard. Woods decided the drop zone was too wet and instead decided to play his fifth stroke from where he played his third shot. The rule book says the drop must be “as nearly as possible” to where he played his last stroke. But Woods dropped the ball two yards behind the first spot where he played the prior stroke.

Golf is generally a sport for “gentlemen” and the rules are supposedly self-enforced. In this case a spectator caught him cheating and reported it to authorities.

Augusta National Golf Club learned of the violation by a television viewer. In a statement released Saturday morning, Augusta National explained that the rules committee had spoken with Woods and decided he had made the mistake unknowingly and did not disqualify him. Woods was not available for comment Saturday morning and will tee off about 1:30 Saturday.

It seems Tiger has become the Leona Helmsley (who famously said “We don’t pay taxes. Only the little people pay taxes.”) of golf, “only the little people follow the rules.”

Of course, he’s not just a cheater but a hypocrite.

Woods’s violation is all the more problematic because of his comments on the decision to penalize 14-year-old Guan Tianlang Friday one stroke for slow play. When asked about that penalty, Woods said,”Rules are rules,” even though stroke penalties for slow play are incredibly rare on the PGA Tour and at major championships.

If Woods had a bit of honor in his soul he would disqualify himself. That doesn’t seem too likely to me. Other pros seem to think that there are special rules for Tiger.

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  1. mac says:

    Woods is a Cheater just like Lance Armstrong.

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