16 inches and still falling in Hayward, Wisconsin

It’s Spring, right? Well, not yet in Hayward, Wisconsin and many other parts of the Midwest just north and west of Madison.

A rare May winter storm continues to bring heavy snow in northwestern Wisconsin. Reports of over a foot of snow have been common in the region. Hayward in Sawyer County has reported 16 inches of snow.

Buffalo County – About 5” snow reported, plows are out, schools are closed, no major issues to report.

Chippewa County – Local officials report 3 – 8” of snow, no major issues reported. Some roadways in the north part of the county obstructed by trees down in vicinity of Cty Hwy 40 & Cty Hwy M.

Dunn County –Snow totals vary 10-15” reported. A lot of tree limbs and power lines are down. Schools were closed today.

Eau Claire County – 2-3” of snow received. Some schools were closed, but no major issues reported.

Pepin County – Has received about a foot of snow. Schools are closed. There are reports of sporadic power outages.

Pierce County – Snow total in Ellsworth 14-15” & schools closed; spotty power outages and trees or limbs down, some roads temporarily blocked. No major issues reported.

St. Croix County – Snow totals vary 6-14”, some tree limbs broken, a few power outages, but nothing major to report.

I’m thankful the snow didn’t make it this far South. The daffodils and hyacinths have been blooming for a few days and the tulips are just starting to open. It was a bit too warm last night (around 35 degrees) but we had enough rain to get a few inches of snow and it’s still raining this morning with the temperature at 39 degrees.


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