Cronies, Cronies and more Cronies!

Big Government is working hard every day to help it’s friends most of whom are working hard to take advantage of us. Big Banking, Big Green, Big Medicine, Big Drugs, Big Insurance and the list goes on and on. Stossel has a really good video looking at this problem. Check it out if you have time. Click on the image and the video will popup in a new tab or window.

About Mike
A resident of the “30 square miles surrounded by reality,” I spend most of my time teaching economics and statistics to undergraduate students. I enjoy, naturally, economics and business, but also science (I was once an astronomical observatory assistant), politics, photography, food, travel and sports. Madison has grown quite a bit since 1978 when Governor Lee Dreyfus made that remark. According to Wikipedia, Madison is 67.3 square miles of land and 16 square miles of water. Visit for one of my favorite views of the isthmus. Or, why not come visit us!

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