Guess What’s Hidden In The Immigration Bill? A National Biometric Database For All Citizens

Big Brother wants you to REGISTER YOUR DNA as part of the “immigration reform” bill. Stand up, folks. Say NO!

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Just for you, your own branding system. Why would you say that, do you think our federal government is the NAZI or anything. OK don’t answer that.

Oh just another eight hundred page “bipartisan” bill that nobody will read, lamestream  mainstream media will refuse to cover, and that will merely further destroy any remnants of freedom left in these United States.  Never forget the George Carlin quote on bipartisanship: “Bipartisan usually means that a larger-than-usual deception is being carried out.” Good thing the terrorists aren’t winning or anything.

From Wired:

The immigration reform measure the Senate began debating yesterday would create a national biometric database of virtually every adult in the U.S., in what privacy groups fear could be the first step to a ubiquitous national identification system.

Buried in the more than 800 pages of the bipartisan legislation (.pdf)  is language mandating the creation of the innocuously-named “photo tool,” a…

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