U.S. secretly watered down Europe’s proposed privacy rules, report claims

Big Snoops in the Obama Administration actively sought to diminish privacy protections for Europeans so that it could more easily spy on people without just cause.


The revelation of the U.S.’s global web spying campaign is proving pretty awkward for the EU’s executive body, the European Commission. As the Commission has been forced to admit, it already knew about PRISM before Edward Snowden’s leak, and had “systematically” raised the issue with its U.S. counterparts, apparently without much luck.

This explains why the Commission’s initial reaction to the scandal was so weak. Ever since it became clear how angry Europeans are over being spied on through the likes of Facebook(s fb) and Google(s goog), though, it’s been talking a tougher game — Justice Commissioner Viviane Reding, whose proposals for a revised data protection law are said to be the antidote to this surveillance, is now demanding a full explanation from the U.S.

Clipped clause

However, there’s now a fresh wrinkle to this ever-expanding story: according to aFinancial Times report on Thursday, the U.S. has…

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