These will soon be illegal: new goggles block facial recognition

Big Government’s greatest wet dream is to be able to use cameras and facial recognition software to identify every single person on Earth. It’s a fool’s errand, most of us know, because people are not nearly as stupid and uninventive as Big Government and it’s elitist advocates like to believe. Hey, NSA (and all you other overseers), everyday people are capable and willing to invent new ways to escape your snooping into out lives!

These new goggles are the latest example of people creating and acting to counter Big Government and it’s need to spy on and control us. What we need is a substantial improvement in encryption applications to protect our communications. How long will it be before this and similar devices are made illegal? Already Big Government wants a backdoor into every single computer on the planet (1, 2)

It’s terrible unfortunate that so much money will be spent on “security” measures when something as simple as these goggles can mess up the entire misguided scheme. Respect for our God-given rights, for each and every person in the world, would do far more to promote security than all of this wasted Big Government engineering.

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