5 inches in 36 hours at Ladybird Lane

Make that 5 inches of drenching rain in the last 36 hours here at Ladybird Lane. It started raining late Monday evening and over the next 12 hours we got about 2.8 inches. It let up about 11 am yesterday and we got some much needed sun for much of the afternoon and evening. But, then after dark the rain settled in again and from about 10 last night until 7:30 this morning (Wednesday) we have another 2.2 inches. At the bottom of the hill on South Whitney Way at the Beltline there is deep water, according to my wife, and also at Regent Street and Eau Claire (for you locals).

So far for the year this storm puts us 12 inches above the usual for our area. Here on the Southwest side of Madison we’ve received more rain than the meteorologists downtown at the UW report. So, we’re even wetter than the official records say. Last year we were in a pretty severe drought about 8 inches below the average. Anyway, the backyard is flooded, the garden is water logged and the peppers and tomatoes are not too happy. Nonetheless, I’m singing in the rain (check out Gene Kelly. I feel at least this good!). :-)

backyard rain


4 Responses to 5 inches in 36 hours at Ladybird Lane

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  2. RickD says:

    Send it to Colorado. We can use it. All of it. On the SW part of the state where fires are burning out of control and are monster fires. No rain predicted until at least this weekend and then it won’t be much. :(

    • Mike says:

      I and my tomatoes wish we could help you out!

      • RickD says:

        Thanks for the good thoughts at least! :)

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