That’s good eatin’!

So says Mr Robin Red Breast. I’ve seen robins flying around the yard with something other than the usual bundle of grass in their beaks. Originally I thought it was perhaps grass with some mud in it. Finally this morning I was sitting on the deck with my camera and a telephoto lens when this robin landed on the power line about ten yards away. And, what is in that beak? It looks like a big, fat cicada that he’s managed to pull out of the grass. Now that’s good eatin’, if you’re a robin. :-) Originally, the photo was nothing but a silhouette because of the shadow from the big spruce tree to the left. But, after a little adjustment the red breast and some other detail began to show. I’m a total amateur at this and was surprised to see the camera had captured this detail. Thanks, Nikon and Paintshop!

Robin with insect



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