All-American Wren

Wrens have been making good use of the area just off of our deck here at Ladybird Lane. Originally there was an old rather large wooden bird house. They built a nest there in May and we thought they’d hatch a brood of chicks. However, a couple of dirty sparrows came and took over the nest and destroyed the eggs. The wrens, however, were intent on having some young this year and they are back with a nest in a smaller, new bird house. And, the way it looks there are young inside. They fly so fast and duck into the house before I can really see what’s going on. One of the birds yesterday morning was as busy as the devil bringing insects into the house. This guy (gal?) just kept flying in and out and in and out and each time had an insect in its beak. With the help of a good long lens it’s clear that they prefer spiders. :-)

Catching birds in flight seems to be very tricky. I set the shutter speed rather high to try to catch the wing motion but that caused exposure problems. I would greatly appreciate any suggestions you are willing to offer. Thanks.


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