We’re back!

So, we’re back from visiting family and friends in Europe. A lot of things caught my attention but I didn’t take the time to write about them. I’ll be posting a few photos and stories over the next few days. :-)

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2 Responses to We’re back!

  1. Lynn Patra says:

    Welcome back Mike! :)

    I’d been wondering where you disappeared off to, and I’m glad to hear that it was a vacation keeping you away! Hope you had a great time, and I’m glad to be getting my daily does of “This Got My Attention” again.

    Looking forward to the pictures and stories!


    • Mike says:

      Thanks, Lynn. Too much of a good thing can become tiresome. So, no more vacation for this year? I’ll get a few notes going again pretty soon. I was down to the farmers market this morning on the capital square and got a few photos. I’m thinking that’s good for at least one post! :-) And, of course, about 1200 photos I took last week in Rome. What a place! Talk about photogenic travel destinations.

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