Farmer salutes Badger football and Coach Andersen in a big way

This is funny. The Wisconsin State Journal reports that farmer Don Schuster of Deerfield, Wisconsin (just East of Madison) has welcomed new football coach, Gary Andersen, and saluted the Badgers in a very big way.

Don Schuster, of Schuster’s Playtime Farm in Deerfield, hitched a GPS device to his lawnmower last week and carved a maze in the shape of Andersen’s head, along with the message “Welcome to Camp Randall,” into an 8-acre plot of corn.

The process — Schuster said the industry term is “maze-itizing” — takes seven to eight hours to complete.

He’s one of about 300 farmers across the country who work with a company called The MAiZE to create intricate corn maze designs.

Ya gotta love the down-to-Earth appeal of this sort of art! ;-) ;-)


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