Midwest-raised hazelnuts are ripening!

Who’d a thunk it? Hazelnuts raised in the Midwest. I just saw a note from Phil Rutter at Badgersett Research Farm (in Canton, Minnesota) that the hazelnuts they’re growing are starting to ripen. I love hazelnuts but most come from Oregon or some far off place. If you’re living in the Minnesota-Wisconsin-Iowa border area consider a trip to Badgetsett farm for some hazelnuts. Check them out! Here’s a snippet from the note.

Very quick post here, we’re into urgent hand harvest TODAY; still some days before machine harvest will be sensible.

Besides the hazel plants we sell, if you grow hazelnuts you got from Arbor Day, or “Wisconsin” – chances are over 90% you’re actually growing Badgersett genetics; and there’s something you need to know- today.

Some Badgersett hazels – DO NOT TURN BROWN WHEN RIPE.  In particular, the G-029-N tissue culture clones will ripen when entirely white- then vanish as animals eat them while you wait.  We’ve found some seedlings in all breeding lines that share this characteristic, some of which obviously took their pollen from a G-029-N somewhere.

These nuts are FULLY RIPE:


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