Blackberry bread

Blackberries are in season and there are a lot of them here at Ladybird Lane. I’ve made quite a bit of jam so far and was looking for something else to do with them when I ran onto a recipe for Blueberry Loaf from Marie at People Treats. So, I thought, why not replace the blueberries with blackberries in this recipe. I got a bit of time today to try just that and it worked out pretty well. I didn’t take the time to nicely document how I made the blackberry break. Marie does a nice job of that and since I’m kind of a naturally messy person documenting my baking would be an embarrassing moment for my wife. So, to see photos of the process visit Marie’s blog.

The taste of the blackberry bread is terrific (I added a bit of cinnamon that wasn’t in Marie’s recipe). The blackberries are a bit sour but combined with the sweet dough it is a great combination. And the bread looks good in the pan. One problem I found was that I put too many blackberries into the dough. The blackberry is a bit different in structure from the blueberry and falls apart without too much pressure. There was a pretty high concentration of blackberries in the middle of the loaf. When I removed the loaves from the pans they tore apart a bit in the middle leaving some of the bread on the bottom of the the pan even though it wasn’t really stuck to the bottom of the pan. All of those blackberries are a big plus for flavor but they make it difficult to remove the loaf from the pan without some of the dough in the middle tearing away. I’m thinking the next time I try this I’ll use fewer blackberries and I’ll use one of those cake pans that have the removable bottom. And, next time I’ll lightly flour the bottom of the pan just to make sure there’s no chance of the cake sticking. Hopefully that  will let the blackberry loaf separate from the bottom of the pan a bit more easily.



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  3. LFFL says:

    I want one of those pans for myself. That looks great!

    • Mike says:

      Thanks! The taste is terrific though my technique with the blackberry needs a bit more effort. :-)

      • LFFL says:

        In the end, it’s the taste and edibility that matters. I’ll just eat straight from the pan. You did good! I’ll take the one in front there, Mike.

        • Mike says:

          Great, drop by! We had a couple of pieces of the one in the rear with some tea.

          • LFFL says:


  4. mrewilson says:

    That looks beautiful! I’m so glad to hear that you tried out the recipe. Sorry to hear about the berries sticking, but as long as it tasted good, really, that’s all that matters at the end of the day. I may have to check out my local grocer and see if there are any blackberries in stock. I’m so curious to try. It looks great :) Thanks for the link back, too! Very much appreciated! I’m not sure if you’re a fan of scones, but I’m thinking blackberries would go wonderfully with them.

    • Mike says:

      Scones! Oh yes, that’s a great idea. :-)

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