Golden Hour at Ladybird Lane

It was a little cloudy, the sun was low in the sky and the big ash and locust trees that line our street were turning color and beginning to drop their jewels. It was the Golden Hour here at Ladybird Lane. It was as though the whole area was glowing this warm, golden hue. Today the ground is covered, the locusts are looking much less brilliant and some of the ashes are looking tired. Fall is moving fast through Southern Wisconsin


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  2. One of my close friends lives in Madison. I’ve never visited her there, but it always looks so beautiful from her photos.

    • Mike says:

      Thanks for the note. Yes, Madison has its moments. :-)

  3. Wow. Just wow!!!! I’m in Helsinki currently and the Autumn colours are beautiful too. Unfortunately it’s also raining… but I love the colours of Ladybird Lane!

    • Mike says:

      Helsinki. Wow, nice place, I hear. On Ladybird Lane, the ashes and locusts have put on their show. But, we still have lots of maples to turn color!

  4. Brenda says:

    Gorgeous!! The fall here has been warm and slow, and we still have a lot of green leaves. Love all this color! Thanks for sharing your beautiful views.

    • Mike says:

      You’re welcome. These ash and locust are great. What’s funny is that our backyard is almost totally green with just a bit of color in the silver maple and I see one branch in our giant weeping willow that is turning yellow. But, the sumac is still dark green and the veggie garden is growing well other than the tomatoes and peppers aren’t blooming as much as they were. The Brussel sprouts are just now really growing well with the cooler weather.

      • Brenda says:

        I’m still getting tomatoes, cukes and herbs. Hard to believe really. Haven’t had the heat on yet.

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