Drat, you caught me!

The squirrels in the backyard here at Ladybird Lane love peanuts. But, the snow and cold weather have made it a little tough for them. If we shell the peanuts they eat them right in front of us. Otherwise, they generally take them with them. I had intended these for the cardinals that were flying around but this fellow got there first. I like to think he’s saying “Happy Thanksgiving!”


12 Responses to Drat, you caught me!

  1. Adelina says:

    waw, they are so cute!

  2. What a fat squirrel! I guess he or she had too many peanuts.

    • Mike says:

      They don’t take it easy on the sunflower seeds either. The birds have to grab some whenever they get a chance. :-)

  3. Looking very well fed!

    • Mike says:

      For being so well fed they’re always still hungry!

  4. OMG step away from the nuts. Looks like he is storing up for Winter for sure. Packed a new pounds! This is so cute!

    • Mike says:

      Yes, they’re becoming so fat. I estimated a while back that they need 26 peanuts to supply them with their entire daily energy requirement. They’re getting at least that much! https://thisgotmyattention.wordpress.com/2013/11/12/im-not-too-happy-with-this-white-stuff/

      • OMG that is so cute. You have some fluffy squirrels by your doing I do believe. Now are you going to install little treadmills for them in the spring when they can’t get into their cute clothes?

        • Mike says:

          Fear not, Michelle. They’ll be skinny by Spring. It’s a long slog until they have much to eat other than what they scrounge from bird feeders and our deck :-)

          • OH I’m not fearful. I was speaking for myself. Geez did I just compare myself to a squirrel? Yes but it was a joke. Hibernation is a long time I know so hats off to you! :D You are great to your little wee friends. I think that is wonderful!

  5. Lynn Patra says:

    I’m really enjoying your photographic work Mike! Thanks for sharing and Happy Thanksgiving to you!

    • Mike says:

      Thanks, Lynn! It’s not work as long as I’m havin’ fun! :-)

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