This trail makes my palms sweat

I’m kind of acrophobic so I don’t get a whole lot of enjoyment from climbing or going up in a really tall structure. I do enjoy hiking and though mountains, however, and the photos of a hiking trail in Huayin, Shaanxi, China got my attention. It’s so beautiful. I’d love to hike this trail. But, even just some of the photos make my palms sweat and the soles of my feet itch. It’s scary! Check out all of the photos here.

This one doesn’t look bad. I can do this.

Yikes, this one’s scarier!

The teahouse at the top looks good.


8 Responses to This trail makes my palms sweat

  1. YourHobby says:

    Looks like a great trek if you have a head for heights, wouldn’t it be awful if you made it to the top and left your camera at the bottom…..Graham, YourHobby……

    • Mike says:

      It’d be absolutely the worst, short of slipping and falling on that plank trail :-) Thanks for commenting!

  2. Neely Wang says:

    I’d love to try that first part of that hike! The second — not so much! It’s funny to see that the hikers look like everyday people in civilian clothes :)

  3. OMG! I am not free of giddiness. I hiked up the Italian Alps, but this here is just too steep.

    • Mike says:

      And, the part of the trail on the 30 cm. wide planks along the cliff wall. … It’s terrifying!

  4. Hey Mike, I like your blog! My mom actually hiked this trail, but never made it to the teahouse.


    • Mike says:

      Thanks for commenting, Michelle. On that trail, OMG, where is it wide enough along that cliff wall for people going down to pass each other? Good luck, BTW, with your BnB. It looks exciting. I noticed you’ll be going through McCook, Nebr. I grew up about 35 miles North of McCook. I hope the weather is good for you. :-)

      • Yeah, I have no freaking idea. I get chills thinking about it! Thanks, looking forward to starting this adventure in June. :)

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