Life is good, for us :-)

Thanks to my blogging friend, Tanny, at The Fourth Continent, for reminding me that my news has been so negative lately. There has been a lot of horrible news especially this past month, the murderous attacks on Gaza, the incomprehensible destruction of flight MH 17 by missile shooting savages, and the illegal immigration crisis in Texas and other border states, to name just a few.  And, given my personality it’s usually the bad stuff that gets my attention. When I read Tanny’s blog, though, it lifts my spirits. She’s on an adventure of a lifetime, not just traveling for a few months, but really living this adventure in Greenland and some other Arctic paradises. Life is good, for us, living here in the US and in most parts of Europe.

Just this morning, for example, I looked out the kitchen window and had to grab my camera and run to the back of the vegetable garden and get a picture of the pumpkin and squash patch. The blossoms are spectacular, reminding me of the sun rising on a beautiful, promising day in Southern Wisconsin.


In fact, the whole pumpkin patch is bursting with reminders that a new and fruitful day is in the making.


And, it’s not just the pumpkin patch. Everything in the garden is doing very well. Last night we picked some terrific green Roma and some yellow wax beans that we’re having for lunch. And the red cabbage, the Brussels sprouts, the carrots and parsnips and the broccoli are doing very well.


It’s been a little cool so far this Summer (oops, sorry about the complaining) but the tomatoes are doing their best to bring a little tasty happiness into our world.


And then for breakfast, the raspberries.


Some of these, my wife says, are finding their way into some Romanian brioche. Mmmm, life is good and usually a lot better than we think or let on even when things gets a little fuzzy and tangled up.




2 Responses to Life is good, for us :-)

  1. Lovely post! The photos are beautiful. I too have to stop myself in the midst of all the chaos and bad news, and just enjoy the wonder of it all. Raspberries, blueberries, the summer sun, and of course, how great it is to live in this country. Life really is good.

    • Mike says:

      Thanks for commenting! It’s good to count our blessings in between one Thanksgiving and the next. :-)

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