Bucharest sunset

We spent a little time on vacation in Bucharest the last two weeks and boy-o-boy was it hot. The official temperature must be measured somewhere outside of the city, maybe at the airport, because the thermometer on the street where we were staying consistently read 35 to 38 Celcius (95 to 100 Fahrenheit) in the afternoon. And not to mention that most of the streets and even sidewalks are asphalt so all of that black on the ground didn’t help out much. The Commies weren’t very good at planning and still aren’t Anyway, when sunset hit I was feeling a little better. Unfortunately the building we stayed in was concrete and only had WOAC (window open air conditioning). So, it stayed pretty warm even into the night. Nonetheless, we had a lot of fun. Many of the streets and sidewalks were lined with beautiful lavender and white hibiscus bushes. That was very nice.

The city is growing and modernizing a lot. From where I took this picture I used to be able to see the Intercontinental Hotel on Balcescu Blvd. Now that new beige building on the left in the photo is blocking the view. From all of the orange in the photo you can tell that there is a lot of dust in the air. Hot and dry. That’s Bucharest in the Summer.



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