Fava beans from our garden

My wife loved the color of these purple fava beans when we saw them in the Rare Seeds catalog so we gave them a try in our garden. I had never planted fava beans and some of the garden websites made it sound as if it would be difficult to get the plants to bear pods if we didn’t plant them really early in the season or if it got too hot. I planted 25 seeds around May 25th and picked these August 18. A few of the pods were ready to pick a week earlier and there are still a few pods to pick but that’s the bulk of the harvest.

It turned out to be pretty interesting to watch them grow. I thought I had taken some photos of the plants growing but I can’t find them right now. The plant itself is fairly tall with strange leaves for a bean, with small white and black flowers. The stem is square rather than the usual round shape.

If you have any suggestions for how to cook these I’d love to have the recipe. I’m thinking … uhhhh … something with bacon! :-)


One Response to Fava beans from our garden

  1. lemanshots says:

    Vegetables from the garden tastes best. Beans and bacon – very delicious!! :)

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