More Fall color without Jack Frost

Fall colors in the Ladybird Lane area continue to intensify and old Jack Frost hasn’t even visited us yet, thank goodness, although it was has been down to 38 degrees Fahrenheit a couple of times already last week. The locust trees and what I believe are sugar maple trees are especially gorgeous right now. We have a huge silver maple in the backyard and it never has much color to it. Why anybody plants a silver maple is beyond me. Ours is big, messy and shades out my veggie garden. But on the street what I’m calling sugar maples are really intense this year.


2 Responses to More Fall color without Jack Frost

  1. yulikoua says:

    Great colors) my Autumn is not so beautiful yet.

    • Mike says:

      Thanks for commenting, Yuli! I hope some beautiful color visits your city soon. Your latest photographs are very nice. The color is just waiting a bit longer! :-)

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