Trabbies in Bucharest

Looking through pics from Romania I found these three photos of Trabants (1, 2) in Bucharest. The red one with its sporty white racing stripe kind of reminds me of a Mini Cooper before they became popular. The green Trabbi’s brakes seem to concern the owner. And, a white Trabbi for the workin’ man.

One thing you’ll notice the instant you get to Bucharest is that people love cars. I think there are more cars in the town than there are people. And, there are certainly not enough parking spaces. People park everywhere including on the sidewalks. Old abandoned cars used to sit on the streets all over town for years at a time. Most of these, fortunately, have gradually been removed. Of course, nothing happens overnight. This Summer I saw a small billboard informing people that the government would help people get their abandoned cars off of the street. Things take a little longer to get done there. Slowly, though, things are improving.


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