When do you own the copyright to your photo?

I ran onto an interesting infographic at Digital Camera World that helps to understand when you do and when you do not own the copyright to your photo.

Who actually owns a photo once you upload it to the internet? This fantastic photography cheat sheet compiled by Clifton Cameras answers some of the key questions about copyright for photographers.

From cases like David Slater’s famed monkey self-portrait to social media ownership to how to protect your photos online, this handy infographic should set you on the right path.


4 Responses to When do you own the copyright to your photo?

  1. Reblogged this on bertpowers and commented:
    Good to know.

  2. SMartins says:

    Good post!

    • Mike says:

      Thanks. I just happened to bumped into something that somebody else had bumped into. Clifton Cameras deserves the credit for compiling the information and putting infographic together.

      • SMartins says:

        Kudos to you both!

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