Brrrrr … 8 Below this morning

The polar vortex has attacked us again after a fairly mild December. We hit 8 below zero Fahrenheit this morning here at Ladybird Lane. Things have improved the last couple of hours. We’re up to 6 below at the moment (9:30a.m.) Prospects for the next few days are not encouraging. We’re forecast to hit 13 below early Thursday morning after a forecast high Wednesday of 5 below zero. Fortunately, the first two weeks of January are typically our coldest time of the year, according to the weatherman, and I’m already thinking of Spring gardening, assuming that Spring shows up.


3 Responses to Brrrrr … 8 Below this morning

  1. Same here getting worse tomorrow.

    • Mike says:

      Keep your long johns handy. :-)

  2. k2globalcommunicationsllc says:

    Sorry, cannot like -8F :-)

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