Ice Bowl II coming up, the ‘Boys first thought is “where’s the heater”

Ice Bowl II between Green Bay and Dallas is coming up this Sunday and the folks from Dallas are wondering how the ‘Boys will stay warm. According to the headline,

coldcowboysThat’s good to hear. If their first thought is “where’s the heater” they’re not worrying about where Aaron Rodgers and the rest of the Packers are. The temperature will be cold, a high of 18 is expected, but this is pretty good considering the past week.

There’s a funny video going around showing the last four minutes of the pregame show for Ice Bowl I played December 31, 1967. The announcers are Ray Scott, Jack Buck and Frank Gifford. Frank forgot his stocking cap. Everyone agreed, it was very cold, 16 below zero at game time.

icebowl1Records from show it was to get much colder a week later. Wow, 24 below.



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