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Skimming through my news feed yesterday I ran into this headline, “24 of the Funniest Romanian Expressions.” I definitely had to click on that one. Romanian is a very colorful language and I wanted to see if I’d heard, or heard about, any of these. Here are a few I like.

  • A Romanian is not “surprised”…his “face has fallen off” (I-a picat fața).
  • A Romanian didn’t just “do so much with so little” … he “made a whip out of shit” (Face din rahat bici). … Maybe a little less literal translation is, “made from whipped shit.”
  • A Romanian hasn’t just “screwed up” … he “threw his boogers in the beans” (A dat cu mucii-n fasole).
  • A Romanian doesn’t simply deem an effort “useless” … he says it’s “a rub on a wooden leg” (Frecție la picior de lemn).
  • A Romanian won’t say that something is “cool” … he’ll say it’s “concrete” (Beton). … My wife’s cousin uses this all the time.
  • A Romanian is not “nervous” … he “has a carrot (in his ass)” (Are un morcov în fund).
  • As a Romanian you don’t “fool yourself” … you “get drunk with cold water” (Te îmbeți cu apă rece).
  • A Romanian hasn’t been “scammed” … he “took a spike” (A luat țeapă). … I wonder if that’s how the wood spike in Dracula’s chest came about.

You can check out more of these from Paula Veselovschi at the Matador Network if you want a good laugh. For all of my Romanian friends out there, what’s your favorite Romanian expression?


7 Responses to Romanian is a colorful language

  1. oh2bhuman says:

    Interesting how language and interpretation develops.

    • Mike says:

      Terribly interesting. I could spend hours looking for and enjoying these things

  2. A very interesting note on Romanian language! Idiomatic phrases confound people like me trying to learn another language!

    • Mike says:

      Thanks for commenting! Yep, it makes and difficult and makes fun(ny) too when trying to learn a new language. :-)

  3. We spent some time there on a medical mission and had a wonderful time. Fully enjoyed the people and the culture. A country that was ravaged by communism and is still on the mend. It was interesting to listen to them recall what living under communism was like.

    • Mike says:

      Thanks for commenting. Yep, you’ll find some colorful characters there, too, bouncing back as best they can from the commie days. A lot of those old (and young) commies are still in power though their song sounds at least a little different.

      • Very true. BTW we adopted our Daughter from there and she is doing well here. She was in one of those very sad orphanages.

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