First crocuses of the Spring at Ladybird Lane

The first crocuses of the Spring are out here at Ladybird Lane! Actually, I saw them yesterday but they weren’t open so I didn’t grab a snapshot. But today they’re open. Yay!


8 Responses to First crocuses of the Spring at Ladybird Lane

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  2. LFFL says:

    I just love the signs of nice weather a comin’.

    • Mike says:

      Signs of Spring, a bit of a false start since tomorrow is bringing up to three inches of wet, heavy snow. I’m hoping for the zero to none part of that range. :-)

      • LFFL says:

        Omg. Good luck with that.

  3. Ang ganda!! 😍😍

    • Mike says:

      Salamat sa feedback mo! :-) Sayang, itong anim lang may bulak!

      • Pero cute parin sila. Ang liliit kasi. :D

        • Mike says:

          Oo, masyadong cute!

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