Oh, there he is!

He’s never alone, at least on a sunny day. This was pretty early in the morning so there were some nice shadows as our friends cleaned up the deck.



3 Responses to Oh, there he is!

  1. Lynn Patra says:

    This photo is gorgeous Mike! I like the colors in the shadowy region – how the blue in the wood stands out. You’re so fortunate to have cardinals in your area. They’re beautiful! Seeing them in person is high on my list!

    • Mike says:

      Thanks for the very generous words. Our deck is needing a repainting, as you can see, so there are lots of colors to capture :-) We love watching the cardinals. One of the best bird photographers blogging is Donna at http://natureandwildlifepics.com/ Until you get to see cardinals for yourself Her pics are fantastic!

      • Lynn Patra says:

        Ah I see! Yes, old worn out material can make for interesting, artistic sights! Thanks for the referral Mike. I’ll check out her site now! :-)

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