Peanut? What peanut?

It’s not just the squirrels and the humans who love peanuts here at Ladybird Lane, it seems.

One morning I was watching as birds flew in and out. Two cardinals flew in, the female landing under the table away from the peanuts and the male near the peanuts. The male took one in his beak and hopped over under the table to the female and shared it with her. It was so cute.



2 Responses to Peanut? What peanut?

  1. I’d no idea that a cardinal would enjoy peanuts! Nice capture!

    • Mike says:

      Thanks, Elena. Thanks for the nice comment. Different birds have different ways of eating peanuts. The cardinal usually takes one and flies off though I have seem them eat small bits on the deck. Chickadees almost always grab and fly. I’ve seen them storing peanuts in the spruce trees around the house. I guess they’re putting a snack on the shelf for later. Sparrows and juncos usually peck away at the nut eating pieces as they break them off. Bluejays, they take a whole one and fly off with it. And the squirrels, they strongly prefer the peanuts in the shell but if there’s nothing else they’ll eat a shelled one. Funny animals.

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