New Beginnings

A couple of weeks ago I was in the backyard here at Ladybird Lane and found rhubarb starting to poke its way out of the ground. This is going to go really well with some raspberries one of these days! That’s the beauty of new beginnings, lots of promise for the future. :-)


6 Responses to New Beginnings

  1. L. P. says:

    Yum, there’s nothing like homegrown produce! I had no idea how bland store-bought tomatoes were (as they’ve traveled for so many miles over so much time) until the day I ate a homegrown one.

    • Mike says:

      Come by for some rhubarb and raspberry sauce if you’re in the area in a couple of months!

      • L. P. says:

        Wow, thanks Mike! So tempting! Yes, I’ll definitely let you know if I’m out there. :-)

  2. swo8 says:

    Oh that’s going to be good on toast!

    • Mike says:

      You know it!

      • swo8 says:

        Yes, i do! We have two plants in our garden and they are coming up too.

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