Busting out

I noticed that the medium sized allium are opening. Looking at them a bit closer it seems more like the many small florets in the bud are busting out of their cramped accommodations. Indeed, here at Ladybird Lane Spring is busting out all over.



4 Responses to Busting out

  1. theforkofdreams says:

    Aren’t Allium’s fantastic? I have got quite a few at this stage at the moment! I can’t wait until they are fully out, but like you I wonder how it all fits in the cramped conditions!

    • Mike says:

      Exactly. I had some giant alliums but they didn’t survive the frigid winter.

  2. Amy Saab says:

    Great shot! ~amy

    • Mike says:

      Thanks! I’m just learning to use this macro lens. It’s a lot of fun.

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