Fabulous spirea and some tiny visitors

The spirea is blooming like crazy this week and looks just fabulous. Spirea has to be one of the most spectacular blooming shrubs. Right? Anyway, I took a few shots and after looking them over guess what I found creeping around in the flowers. Yep, some new little friends enjoying a pollen feast. Spirea flowers are not very big and these fellas are even smaller. What is that insect’s name? Nature is an amazing thing!


5 Responses to Fabulous spirea and some tiny visitors

  1. dray0308 says:

    What a beautiful flower! Look forward to following and reading more posts!

    • Mike says:

      Thanks a million for commenting sand for the compliment! I’m looking forward, too, to your posts! Again, thanks much!

      • dray0308 says:

        My pleasure!

  2. Fun spring plant, brings happiness to the landscape.

    • Mike says:

      Thanks for commenting! It sure does brighten up the area :-)

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