Not too far from Ladybird Lane is a local watering hole, Bennett’s Meadowood Country Club, with one amazing burger. We stopped by there a couple weeks ago for a quick sandwich and a beer. The menu just lists it as the “Bacon Swiss Burger” but you could truthfully rename it the “Heart Attack Bacon-10X Burger” and not be exaggerating a bit. I counted TEN slices of bacon! And the fries were darn good, too. All washed down with a draft Capital Maibock, it’s a treat.

The owner is a libertarian, it seems, who doesn’t mind taking on the downtown elites and telling them exactly what he thinks of the way they run our fair city. If you’ve been to Madison you know there are more than a few places to quench you’re thirst. So, how do you know you’re at the right place? If you can’t see the US 12-14-18-151 highway signs from inside you’re at the wrong place. Finish your beer and get to Bennett’s for the bacon swiss burger. Check ’em out if you’re in the Madison area (anytime it seems except Sunday mornings!)


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