Is this the most fearsome storm cloud?

You tell me, but for my buck this is one of the most fearsome storm clouds I’ve ever seen. It was taken by storm chasing photographer Kelly DeLay near Simla, Colorado. The shape of the cloud just gives me the feeling that everything under it is being vacuumed up and shredded. And then there’s the faint glowing blue color. Scary! There’s some good coverage of Mr DeLay and his photography at PetaPixel and 500px.


3 Responses to Is this the most fearsome storm cloud?

  1. seaangel4444 says:

    I have a little ‘saying’ reserved for photos just like this one: “Creepy neat!” ;-) Cher xo

    • Mike says:

      For sure!

  2. craigm350 says:

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