Down the street, round the corner and there it was

We had a chance to get away for a little vacation last week. We got up bright and early Friday and headed to the airport (which has to be one of the nicest small airports in the country) for our jaunt across the country and a little bit more. We started off with a 30 minute flight to Minneapolis, an hour to change planes, a three and a half hour flight to San Francisco and a two and a half hour layover there and finally five and a half hours to Honolulu and forty minutes to get to our hotel. It was dark by the time we got there and we were beat. But the next morning we got up bright and early. We headed out, down the street, round the corner to the marina and there it was, ol’ Diamond Head just waiting for us. We quickly forgot about that long trip from Madison.



5 Responses to Down the street, round the corner and there it was

  1. L. P. says:

    Welcome back Mike! I noticed your absence on the blogosphere and thought you must be on vacation. :-P Glad you managed to getaway and enjoy Hawaii. For a time, I traveled out at this time of year annually. Sure miss those days! Your photograph here brought back happy memories! :-)

    • Mike says:

      Thanks, Lynn! I’m kind of glad to be back although Hawaii sure is nice, especially the weather. And there’s something new to photograph every second. I’m glad the photo brought back happy memories for you. You should take some time off for a trip before the place is built over with condos and apartments. I saw a few land owners on the North Shore protesting the encroachment of the city on their bit of paradise.

      • L. P. says:

        Oooh… thanks for the update on the situation there! :-( Yeah, I better hurry and get enjoyment from paradise while it lasts!

  2. cindy knoke says:

    That is a very nice shot of the old hilton tower! First was here when I was eleven years old. Fun place to stay, especially on the top floors!

    • Mike says:

      Thanks, Cindy! I think this spot was designed for photographers. It is so picturesque. And what a view from the upper floors. They’ve been building like crazy with lots of new towers since I was first there 16 years ago. It kind of ruins the old small city feel and traffic … don’t get me started! :-)

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