48 degrees and green!

That was this morning’s low temperature, 48 Fahrenheit. If you look at the graph from yesterday where I griped about the cold summer we’ve had so far you’ll see that the record low for July 2 is 44 F. Nonetheless, it was brisk this morning. I shouldn’t complain, though, because everything is so green.

Here’s a shot of the backyard here at Ladybird Lane. That big ol’ weeping willow tree has gone through a lot. It lost a branch in the wind a couple days ago. And the far side is totally missing since the electric company comes by ever few years and trims off the branches so they don’t interfere with the electric lines. That hole in the middle, there used to be a second huge branch, about 18 inches thick, that shot up and to the right. But, it was down on the ground when we bought the house. We’re hoping it will last for a while more. Without that willow our backyard would be naked. The little orchard there on the left of the photo, those apples, plums and cherry trees wouldn’t mind the extra sun and neither would the veggie garden on the right. But, we’d sure miss that willow.



2 Responses to 48 degrees and green!

  1. 48 sounds a little cool but I would rather have that for sleeping than the heat. It is summer though and thats mighty cool.

    • Mike says:

      Yep, a bit chilly. Folks have been going to work with a sweater or light jacket on the last couple of days.

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