Longtail’s long day

Ol’ Longtail had a very long day on Monday. Imagine, raspberries to the right, sunflower seed to the left, after a while you’re just bushed. Ladybird Lane is a fine place to be this summer especially if you’re a squirrel or even a turkey for that matter. This morning I got up about 5:30 and went to the kitchen, raised the blind and there underneath this feeder Longtail found so comfortable was a big tom turkey cleaning up the spilled bird seed. Unfortunately by the time I could run and get a camera he was gone. This guy I was able to photograph through the kitchen window so the photo quality isn’t all that hot.



9 Responses to Longtail’s long day

  1. Tina says:

    I wish they weren’t so darned cute. I really want to hate them. :)

    • Mike says:

      Ya, I know! We toss them peanuts on our deck. To get there they often climb up the blackberry canes especially in the winter. Unfortunately that damages the canes and our blackberry crop the last couple years has been poor. I’m going to have to put a little fence around the blackberries or stop giving them peanuts on the deck!

  2. Haha! He found a swing.

    • Mike says:

      They’re funny. Not all of the squirrels are able to climb the thin pole and get into the swing but some do and they get a nice reward. This one, he ate so much he had to take a little nap :-)

      • Haha! Good thing you were able to take a photo. I find this squirrel cute. Heh!

        • Mike says:

          Very cute! Its tail is so long it drags on the ground. :-)

          • Never seen one. I think there’s no squirrel here in Philippines. :D

          • Mike says:

            I think you’re right. I didn’t see any while I was there either, even in Baguio, no squirrels. :-(

          • I just don’t know in Manila Zoo, though. :D

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