Meet Tommy, our new tenant at Ladybird Lane

We have a new tenant here at Ladybird Lane. This is Tommy. He gets free run of the backyard, all the bugs he can catch and all the bird seed that he can knock out of the tube feeder. He’s really clever. Honestly! I noticed a week or so ago that the tube feeder was being emptied really quickly. Tommy can’t eat directly from the feeder because it’s on a shepherd’s crook above his head. But, he can jump a bit, knock it with his beak and that lets quite a bit of seed spill onto the ground. It works for him and the squirrels seem to enjoy the leftovers. I think Tommy could go through a 50 pound bag of seed fairly quickly if I were that generous. I told my father-in-law a wild turkey had taken up residence in our backyard. He went, “Mmmm, mmmm good when roasted!” :-)


5 Responses to Meet Tommy, our new tenant at Ladybird Lane

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  2. Smart bird, he is so beatiful!

    • Mike says:

      He does seem really smart or at least has incredible hearing. Any little noise he seems to hear. When I cracked the door open a bit this morning, just a little bit of a squeak, he turned his head and was looking to see what it was. He’s pretty cautious although when I took four of these the turkey actually sneaked up on me. I was pulling weeks in the garden, turned around and there was Tommy! I walked slowly back to the house, grabbed a camera and came out to get some photos. So, I guess he wasn’t too afraid.

  3. Tina says:

    Grear shots. I’m sure he’s delicious, but maybe you’ll simply enjoy his seed-spilling antics?

    • Mike says:

      Thanks, Tina. Ya, I’m more interested in just watching this guy. Anyway, it’s not turkey season … yet :-)

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